Hospital Tour

Welcome to Twin Oaks Animal Hospital! We are a single doctor practice located in San Marcos.

Our lobby features loft ceilings, modern clean lines, and comfortable chairs. We offer both prescription and over-the-counter products.

This is our Dog-friendly exam room. It is spacious and allows for plenty of room for your pal to hang out.

This is our Cat-friendly exam room, which has a cat tree, large windows, kitty toys, and a feliway diffuser to keep your feline friend comfortable, and relieve stress while having his/her exam.

Our in-house laboratory allows us to perform blood chemistries, urinalysis, and fecal examinations quickly so you don’t have to wait.

The digital x-ray system quickly displays images on our medical grade viewing monitor so our doctor can view x-rays within minutes. If needed, x-rays can be sent electronically to a specialist for review.

For your pet’s safety our separate surgery suite is equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring equipment.

The treatment area has a wet-table perfect for doing anesthetic dentals, and oxygen throughout to give us access where its needed.