Lulu receiving Laser Therapy for her Arthritis in her Knee.

Laser therapy is the application of light at a certain wavelength that helps to promote blood flow, healing, and the relief of pain.

Laser therapy can be used for pain management in a variety of conditions including arthritis, intervertebral disc disease, cruciate ligament tears, patella luxation, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and more.

Laser therapy also can be used to promote healing of wounds and abrasions, and it can shorten the healing time post-operatively for surgery and dental procedures.

Best of all, Laser Therapy is painless and non-invasive. A probe is placed onto the painful area or hovered above an open wound for a period of time established by the veterinarian. The light emitted from the probe stimulates blood flow.

For pain management, a significant difference is usually seen after four-five treatments. However, for wound healing, one treatment can significantly decrease healing time.

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